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• 1/8/2013


Ivar Firewing! :D

Natalie's drawing of 19-year-old Ivar Firewing
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• 1/7/2013

"An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale"

I just got this idea of my character, Ivar Firewing, writing down everything he encounters during his journey's through Ambodia. Is way, by writing every chapter over time, i can further expand my character and the world of Ambodia. It will also feature alot of characters and locations so be prepared, becuase not everything my character does on quests will be in there, also parts that i might just make up to have my character have more adventures then he already does :) 
As you can probably tell, it is based on Bilbo and Frodo writing "There And Back Again" and "The Lord of The Rings" 
I hope all you guys understand what i'm saying and really like the idea! :D
"An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale"
- Ivar
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• 1/7/2013

Years and Timeline

So I thought that since we all share the same sort of cannon for Ambodia, why not make an official timeline and have actual dates for each year? So far I have some main events to add to this timeline, which will stay on this thread for now (I'll make a page for it later when we have enough stuff to add to it).
1- Ambodia is created by the 18 Powerful beings.
100- Marko the Dark One is discovered by the 9 Beings of Light
101- Five of the Dark Beings are banished to Ambodia and made mortal to balance the balance between Light and Dark Beings out.
102- The Dark Beings War Begins.
110- The Dark Beings War ends, the five Dark Beings sent to Ambodia are thoguht to be destroyed.
Around 1000- Gothbog Island is colonized by Goblins after they had one a short war against human barbarians.
Around 2000- Viroff becomes a dark lord and is helped with this by Bogare the Dark One.
4000- Peenda City is officially formed.
4500- All of the Quests happening now.
If you have more dates you'd like to add then tell me the year. This is how spaced apart I pictured everything, too.
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• 1/7/2013

A Map for "Ambodia"

Wouldn't it be great if we could just make a huge map that contains everything there is too find on Ambodia. If only i knew a way to make one.
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• 1/5/2013

The Hobbit Extended Edition

For those who didn't know this yet, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition) will feature 20-25 minutes of extra screen-time. In the trailer you can see Bilbo walking up to "The Sword That Was Broken" so i'm 100% sure that will be in it. Most other things you see in the trailer and that weren't in movie at all will probably be in the next movie because it involved Mirkwood and Dol Guldur.
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• 1/5/2013

Quest Order

So I thought it'd be more organized if we had an order of how the Quests will go. And I'll make the pages for my own Quests, so no one worry about making a page for them the second you see their names. ;) :P
Quest 1- A Cake Worthy of a King (Potato)
Quest 2- Barnhouse of Doom (Potato)
Quest 3- Untitled (Potato)
Quest 4- The Book of Dark Spells (Ivar)
Quest 5- The Frozen Beast (Pinda)
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• 1/4/2013


What if we introduce ages in later on in the game of Ambodia? Something like, Age 1 is the peaceful age, Age 2 darkness starts to rise again and Age 3 would be a war between several lands and so on. What do you think?
- Ivar
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• 1/2/2013

The Hobbit

I FINALLY saw The Hobbit and I thought it was great! The most epic parts were when the main theme played. Oh, and I really liked the Goblin King for some reason. :P
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• 12/31/2012

Would we be able to have a picture of something other than a LEGO figure to represent our character? Perhaps Sister in one of her costumes or something?

We could always ask someone to make a picture for us, but a live action picture would be perfectly within our grasp.
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• 12/31/2012


The last two days i'm trying to upload the pictures for my Red Mountain Scale Model Design, but i keep going to a weird white page where the buttion "Add Photo" doesn't do anything. I've had this problem before on "The Ambush Games Wiki" but usually only for half an hour or 2. Does anyone know what i can do?
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• 12/30/2012


I'm having a lot of problems with LDD (Lego Digital Designer) It has suddenly gotten extremely slow and it frustates me because i don't how to fix it. I already uninstalled and re-installed it, but it didn't work.
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• 12/29/2012

Venom Web's Lair

What is Epic Fantasy without some giant Spiders in there? Nothing i tell you! O.o Just kidding. But giant Spiders seems more then common in Epic Fantasy Games and/or Movies. So why not put some all across Ambodia like Potato already did. I thought it would be fun if there are 2 Super Giant Ones. the 2nd biggest being the male of the biggest spider in all of Ambodia, who is ofcourse female. This male's name is "Venom Web" I've created a neat little page and design for the creature and plan to use him for future qeusts.
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• 12/29/2012

The Ruins of Lorx'Martar

I always enjoy making ruins from Lego so i couldn't help but make this one. But, during the creation of this set, i get several idea for the story behind the ruins and several ideas for a Qeust Chain playing out in the Ruins. I'm playing on making more sets for the ruins and in the end combine them all into one big place. 
I haven't named the Desert of Ambodia yet (i hope it's the only one LOL) becuase maybe you want to name after a Host or Player, Potato? 
I hope you all like the backstory i came with while making the design and i really hope i can fit into the world of Ambodia. 
- Ivar
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• 12/29/2012

The Three Potatoes Tavern

I have finally finished the design for the Tavern. Just for fun i have also added Natalie's character Sperry in there :p It contains a huge amount of 889 pieces. I expected around 500. I hope you all like it! You can check the pictures out if you want and leave a comment about what you think of it.
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• 12/29/2012

The Market Place design

I have finished my design for the Market Place. I hope you all like it! I also hope it represents a real fantasy/medival market. You can see the pictures and the Trivia on the Market Place page. 
- Ivar
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• 12/28/2012


I have created a Cave design in LDD (Lego Digital Design) (Thank you Potato!) and posted the pictures on the wiki. I hope  you really like it! Btw, Potato, what if Caves can be used for players to rest in or hide from monsters or find shelter for the night and/or storms? Could we maybe incorporate that into the game? Only if you think it will work ofcourse :D
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• 12/28/2012


I decided, since everyone likes my drawings so much, and since it doesn't take me long to draw something, I will be open to taking requests.
They will be in my drawing style, but I tend to defect between three different ones: realistic, anime, and chibi. I can try anything, as long as you give me proper references as guides for what you want me to draw. And being specific helps! The more details the better. :D
And I also wanted to ask if it was alright with everyone if I drew pictures of y'alls characters when they're up. :)
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• 12/28/2012

Can i help the game maybe?

I would very much like to know the program you are using to create those small Lego Enviroments (like the Forest and Lake one) and would very much like to help you making some of them or maybe come up with some Place Names or Character Names or other stuff like qeusts? I love those kind of things :D If that's okay with you, Potato.
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• 12/24/2012


To break the silence!
{Also, first! LOL ;)}
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