Not to be confused with: Quest 1- A Cake Worthy of a King

A Cake Worthy of A King is the sixth chapter in "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" written by Ivar Firewing and is based on the quest with the smiliar name. 

6 - A Cake Worthy of A King - "All i need are some Bloka Leaves" The royal Peendian chef told King Gongo and Ivar Firewing who were standing next to him in the kitchen while the chef and his kitchen helpers were extremely busy preparing for the feast. 

"But Bloka Leaves are very hard to come by" Gongo replied to the chef who now walked over to another table to smash some meat.

"We want this to be the best cake ever made remember? It's your 75th birthday! You deserve the best of the best. And the best is Bloka Leaves" the chef told his King. 

"Where can you actually find Bloka Leaves?" Ivar dropped in the conversation. 

The chef stopped hitting the meat and looked at Ivar and then back at the king; "Another one for the quest?" he asked and pointed to Ivar. 

The king nodded; "Yes my friend, another one. Huyang, may i introduce you to Ivar Firewing" the king introduced the two men to eachother. 

The Chef watched Ivar and lay his meat grinder on his shoulder; "Firewing hu. Ever since your family decided to build Lakeside Iverar City has being going backwards as i've heard" 

"Lakeside has been destroyed" Ivar said a bit down with some pain in his eyes. 

"Oh. I'm sorry, i did not know that. But then again how could i? I have been in this kitchen for the entire week now! This party is important for my image! I shall prove to be the best chef in all of Peenda City!" Chef Huyang made very clear. 

"Hehehe" King Gongo chuckled before asking; "Where is the group?" 

"Ah. The group" Chef Huyang rolled his eyes; "They should be on the courtyard. Kept me awake all night those four. Sounded like a teenage sleepover in there! Haven't shut one eye!" Huyang exclaimed frustrated and pointed at the bangs under his eyes. 

Sometime later Ivar and Gongo, led by Huyang, entered the courtyard. Ivar immediately noticed a group of people standing out greatly from the rest of the people in the courtyard. 

A human with long red hair in a bang over his forehead, carrying an iron shield and nicely sized sword. Next to him stood the only girl of the company. Her hair done in a pony tail, wearing a long purple cape while reading what seemed to be a spell book. Then there was the Dwarf. A small guy with a long black hair and lots of facial hair. He was enjoying a piece of chicken. At the end of the row stood an older yet still young man. He was cloaked in grey from head to toe and held a large walking stick with a green glowing stone at the top. Could this be a wizard?

"Here they are" Huyang said and then walked away back to the kitchen. 

The group noticed the king and stopped their shennigans and lined up nicely infront of the crown bearer. 

"I thank you all already for answering my plea. However yesterday i've gained another companion ready to aid you in your quest. Meet Ivar Firewing" Gongo said and gestured for Ivar to walk forward. 

"Ivar, this here is the group you will be travelling with. The human is Kerk Acksedge, a born adventurer! The girl is here is the talented healer Sperry Van Ness" Gongo introduced the first two to Ivar. Kerk held his sword up high and Sperry just waved and whispered "Hi" with a smile. Ivar returned the greeting. 

Then the king continued; "The Dwarf that is still eating for no apperant reason is the mighty warrior Cain III Inarachni. Don't let his size fool you" Gongo told Ivar as the Dwarf smiled and blinked his eye while showing off his muscles. 

"And at least Pindius Zwervus, the mysterious yet trustworthy wizard" Gongo gestured to the man in grey who made a bow. 

"And now Ivar, here is your battle gear" Gongo said and gestured for a gaurd to come walking forward with a sword holder, an actual sword, a shield and a long red cape. "Are you ready for your adventure?" Gongo smiled. 

"This is all for me?" Ivar couldn't believe his eyes. This is what he always wanted.

Gongo nodded while smiling. He then unsoothed the sword; "This is Phoenix, it was my sword once but i don't ever use it anymore don't ask me why. I want you to have it" Gongo handed the sword to Ivar who couldn't stop staring at it. 

"This shield once belonged to King Durran Firewing. He left it here after a visit to Peenda City. I believe it to be your property now" Gongo handed the shield to Ivar. "Now, go stand in line my friend" Gongo smiled at Ivar who smiled back then went to stand next to Kerk who eyes him down for second but then focused on the king's words again. 

"You qeust will now begin. Your objective? Collect atleast six Bloke Leaves for the cake. Please be back before nightfall. The Bloka Leaves can be found in the forest directly outside the gates of the city. Good luck and uhm.. watch out for Trolls. That is all" Gongo told the group and then walked away. 

A few gaurds came up the group with horses and in no time Ivar got his qeust outfit on and left with the group to the forest. 

An hour later the group reached the Forest's edge and left the horses there. The ventured in by themselves. After another hour of searching they hadn't found anything as of yet. 

"Does anyone know what these leaves look like?" Cain the Dwarf spouted about. 

"I'm doing my best to look them up in my herbalism book" Sperry said as she quickly flipped through the pages. 

"And what if they are not in the book? What then!?" Kerk doubted the book's accuracy. 

"I wish the king could have given us more information but i geuss humans are the brightest of sort" Cain then spouted out. 

"Hey!" Kerk didn't like Cain's remark. 

"You heard me Kerk Ack...thing..." Cain muttered as he had forgotten Kerk's full name. 

"Kerk Acksedge, thank you very much for remembering your team members name" Kerk said with sarcasm. 

"I knew you first name didn't i?" Cain chuckled and Kerk just folded his arms and looked a bit frustrated. 

Ivar couldn't help but smile at hearing all these conversations.

"You've been pretty quiet you know that?" Sperry came walking next to Ivar while still flipping throught he pages of her book. 

"Oh well, you know, not much to tell" Ivar said a bit awkwardly. 

"I know the feeling" Sperry smiled and looked at him; "Have you ever been on a qeust before?" she then asked. 

"No i have not. This is actually my first one" Ivar told Sperry. 

"No kidding!? This is my first one as well!" Sperry said with enthousiasm and jumped a bit for fun. 

"Well then i hope we can both complete in one piece" Ivar smiled at her enthousiasm. 

"Here's to a good quest" Sperr extended her hand towards Ivar and he looked at it for moment and then shoke it. 

Then the group reached a small river streaming through their path. 

"The heart of the forest is on the other side of this river. I'm sure we'll find the Bloka Leaves there" Kerk told the others. 

"How will we cross this river?" Pindius asked. 

"Over there!" Sperry pointed at a fallen log that came from the other side of the forest and reached all the way over the river on the side of the riverbedding they were on. 

The group walked over to the log and inspected it. 

"It looks pretty unstable to me" Cain made clear of his doubt. 

"Nonsense. We can easily cross is if we go one by one" Kerk said and gently nudged the log a bit. 

"I will go first" Pindius said and stepped on the log. After finding his balance he slowly crossed the log. When he reached the middle something went terribly wrong and the log broke. 

"Pindius!"  The group shouted in horror at the same time as the Wizard was taken down the stream. The group immediately sat chase from the river side they were on. 

Ivar then took up all his courage and jumped in the river. He swam toward Pindius and grabbed him. 

"And now what?" Pindius asked.

Then Ivar looked around and saw what a stupid decision he had made. "Should've thought the one through" he muttered to himself. 

Suddenly he and Pindius halted as the hit several rocks that were large enough to be crossed over the river. The group walked over to them and helped up. Both were completely drenched. 

"Not your best move i presume?" Sperry asked Ivar laughily as he emptied his boots of all the water. 

Another hour later the group reached the heart of the forest.

"Still nothing! Argh!" Cain shouted as he got impatient by this point. 

"Did you think these Leaves would be easy to find!? They wouldn't have hired us if they were!" Pindius snapped back at the dwarf. 

"We could always climb the three and get and overview of the forest? Maybe we'll even see the leaves?" Kerk threw his idea into the group and everyone halted at him and watched him. 

"What?" Kerk shrugged as everybody stared him down. 

"That's actually not a bad idea. I'll climb the tree!" Cain started jumping up and down on his short dwarven legs. 

Sperry walked up to him and showed him a picture of the Bloka Leaves she had just found; "This is what they look like" she told the dwarf; "They have a strong pinkish color to them so shouldn't be hard to spot" 

"Got it" Cain nodded and started climbing the nearest highest tree. For a dwarf he was very quick and flexible and reached the top of the tree in no time. The group just stood there in awe. 

"I will admit i never expected to ever see that in my life" Ivar said jokingly. 

Cain watched around over the treetops and then noticed a large thick tree in the distane. Something about this tree was different. It had pink leaves. Cain had spotted the Bloka Leaves. 

A large smile appeared on the dwarf's face and started shouting to the group; "I see them! I see the leaves!" 

The group just cheered and clapped while Cain made his way down. "They are not far from here. Follow me" cain gestured for them to follow him. 

Not much later they reached a clearing where the large, thick, pinkleaved tree was growing that Cain saw from the treetops.

"The Bloke Leaves!" Sperry yelled happily and pointed to the tree with a large smile. 

"Well done Dwarf" Kerk admired Cain who smiled back in return. 

Suddenly a large thud was heard and a large blue forest troll came into view of the clearing. The group immediately hid in line of 5 behind a large fallen tree. 

"Great i was wondering when one would show up" Pindius sighed. 

"Let's just kill it" Kerk drew his sword ready for battle.

"We could also just wait for it to get away!" Sperry hissed at Kerk. 

"Uhm...guys...where did it go?" Ivar said as he peeked over the tree and didn't see the troll in the clearing anymore.  The heads of the rest of the group peeked over the tree as well and looked around and didn't see anything of the large creature. 

"Well... that was easy" Cain said. 

Then a large breath was heard behind the group and warmed up all their necks. 

"It's behind us isn't it?" Cain said with wide open eyes. 

"Yep.." Sperry confirmed while all turned around to face the large dangerous creature of the woods. 

The Troll screamed into their faces and then held up his battleclub high and brough it down with brute force. Luckily the group just to the side while the tree they hid behind broke in a thousand pieces. 

"Alright here we go!" Kerk jumped up and took on his battlestance while Ivar just lay next to him and watched him while rubbing his head. "Well? Don't just stay there all day!" Kerk looked at Ivar and gestured for him to stand up. 

Ivar stood up and readied his shield and sword. 

"Hey! Over here you ugly!" Kerk yelled at the troll and started slamming his sword on his shield to make noise and attract it's attention. It worked when Ivar started doing the same and the Troll sreamed out a large growl and charged at the two humans. 

"Greeeeat, now we're doomed!" Ivar said as the Troll charge them. 

"No we're not! YIHAAA" Kerk smirked and then let out a loud battle cry and charge the troll. 

Kerk quickly ducked down when the troll swung his club at him to avoid it and slid through under the trolls large feet. The Troll stopped dead in track and turned around, looking pretty angry at Kerk. 

"Ivar now! Slice him the back" Kerk yelled at Ivar who didn't really know what to do. 

Ivar walked up to the troll in fear and brought his sword down on the troll back, making a large cut in it. The troll screamed in pain and grabbed the wound on his back. He turned around to seen an innocently smiling, scared Ivar.  

"Sorry?" was all Ivar could say before the troll tried to hit him with his large club. Ivar was luckily to be quick and managed to avoid all the hits.

Sperry then ran towards Kerk; "Need any help?" and then she saw Ivar avoiding all the trolls swings; "Okay don't answer that" she added. 

"We'll distract the beast while Pindius and Cain can get the leaves" Kerk told Sperry as he charged at the troll again. Kerk jumped on the trolls back and impaled his sword in his back. Kerk just hung there. 

At the Bloka Tree Pindius had Cain on his shoulder so he could try and reach for the leaves. "Almost there. Almost" Cain said as he had problems reaching the leaves. 

The Troll stopped screaming in pain and picked Kerk off of his back. He held him in large hand and growled at Kerk  who try to break lose. Kerk got an arm free and then cut the trolls's hand with a smile knife from his boot. The troll screamed in pain again and threw Kerk towards the Bloke Tree. 

Kerk crashed into the tree and brought several branches and Cain and Pindius down with him. They were now all covered in pink Bloka Leaves. "That's one way to do it" Cain said he stood up and wept the leaves off of him. The three turned around and saw the troll coming towards. Luckily for them Sperry used he magic to throw a large piece of wood agains it's head and it lost balance for second and fell on his side. 

"Grab that branch and let's get out of here!" Sperry yelled as Ivar grabbed her arm and both already started running.

The three men just looked at them run away and then at the troll who slowing getting back up. Cain picked up the branch of Bloka Leaves and said; "Nothing to do here anyway" and started running with his small little dwarven legs. Pindius and Kerk looked at eachother and then started to run as well. 

The rest had quickly caught up with Ivar and Sperry and now ran through the way they came from. Behind him they could here the trees and bushed snap and when Cain took a peek behind him the large monsterous Troll came into view stepping through a large bush. 

"Faster guys faster!" Cain yelled and everyone took a peek backwards seeing the creature. 

After several intense minutes of running the group reached the river again. The quickly jumped over the rocks one by one and when all on dry land again they were blocked by a large tree log that landed infron of them. The Troll had thrown it. 

"Everyone stand your ground!" Pindius said and everyone drew their weapons again, ready the fight the troll once and for all.

The troll came into view on the other side of the river and kept on running. It set food on the large rocks to cross and adrenline pumped through Ivar's body as the creature neared their position. The Troll was almost on the other side but then suddenly slipped over the wet and slipperly last rock. The beast fell in the water and was taken down with the river stream, screaming all the way until it reached a waterfall not far from where he fell in the water. The beast fell to his death and the group couldn't help but laugh as their first quest was a succes. 

"How is that for a first quest" Ivar smiled at Sperry who smiled back in return. 

"Time to return to the city" Pindius said. "We must be back before nightfall. 

And so the group left the clearing with the river, on their way back to Peenda City. 


Note that this Chapter of the book is based upon the very first quest played on Ambodia. It was hosted by Potato and went under the same name (See link at the top of the page) There are however some major differences in the book version and the actualy quest itself. 

It has not been decided yet wich is canon. 


  • Gongo brings Ivar to his companions in the book while at the beginning of the actual quest he isn't even present at the quest giving. 
  • In the Quest the objective was given by a knight to the group who also introduced Huyang at that moment while in the book Ivar has already met Huyang before even going to the group and the knight doesn't appear. 
  • In the Qeust the group leaves through a secret passage while in the book they are just given horses and ride out themselves. 
  • In the Quest when Pindius is taken down the river stream all adventures decide to dive while in the book it's only Ivar who ducks after him. 
  • In the Quest the adventurers in the water are saved and then they cross the river by boat while in the book Ivar and Pindius hit some large rocks that provide a passage over the river to the other side. The boat does not appear at all. 
  • In the Quest the group encounters a geussing game where they won an object. This was delibrately taken out by Ivar because it was just for the game and not the book. 
  • In the Quest the group runs in the Forest Troll much earlier then in the book. In the book they meet the creature at the Bloka Tree itself while in the Quest it's just in a random part of the forest. 
  • When reaching the Bloka Tree in the Quest the group decided to taste several leaves because they not know wich were the Bloka Leaves. In the book this is left out for Ivar didn't fell it was necessary to write down in the chapter as they already knew what the leaves looked like before arriving at this point. 
  • In the Quest itself the battle with the Forest troll is much longer and doesn't have any comedic sides to it while in the book Ivar decided to give some lightheartness for he felt it would fit better for it being the first time these characters were forced to help eachother without knowing eachother that well. 
  • In the Quest Ivar knows alot about the 'Wippletree' wich eventually leads them to freedom. This was left out of the book because it wouldn't fit in the continuity of the story and would slow the chapter down. 
  • The Troll's death is sort of the same. He falls in the river and drowns. In the quest he falls in the river after breaking another log while in the book he slips over the slippery rocks and gets taken down the stream to a waterfall. Ivar changed this as he felt this was more 'Tolkien'-ish. 
  • In the Quest Pindius goes down under water with the Troll and is believed to have died. In the book this is all left out and Pindius is fine.