Name: Amara

Class: Ranger

Level: 0

Race: Mermaid

Player: Killa

Description: Amara is one of the few of her species to leave the sea. Instead of hunting from the water she found hunting was just as enjoyable and far more profitable to do on land. Not much is known about her except for she typically works well with others and takes lots of bounties that require the acquisition to be killed rather than taken in alive. She likes travel and enjoys taking jobs or going on hunts in far off places. She's a brunette and in her mermaid form has a red tail, so its not really a surprise that in human form she typically wears red.

Health: 50

Physical attack: 10

Physical defense: 0

Magical attack: 0

Magical defense: 8

Energy: 100

Attack distance: Medium/Long

Weapons: Basic bow

Gold: 0