An Audience With King Gongo is the fifth chapter in "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" written by Ivar Firewing

5 - An Audience With King Gongo - "Eat" told the gaurd Ivar met first when the young man just stared at his soup. 

"I'm not that hungry, Muller" Ivar told the gaurd. 

"Tomorrow we will reach Peenda City" Muller said with a mouth full; "You'll need your strength to travel one more morning and speak to our king" 

"Wait. What? You mean i will meet King Gongo?" Ivar said with open eyes. 

"I don't see how that is so special. He welcomes almost everyone within his palace. Everyone in Peenda City has met him atleast once" Muller shrugged and continued eating the deer they caught before the night fell. 

"Well, you see, i've never been outside my village before" Ivar told Muller and took a bite out of his meat. 

"You don't have to worry about it. Gongo is very nice and understanding man. That's probably why he is King. He doesn't have it easy, that's evident just from the looks of him, but he always looks at life with a smile" Muller told Ivar before adding; "He will understand your story and your ordeal" 

"Where do i go after i've briefed the news?" Ivar asked Muller. 

"I don't know. I'm sorry i really don't. If it will make you feel better i'll ask the King a favor and see what he can do for you. You've been through hell. You deserve something good for a change" Muller smiled at Ivar. 

"Thank you" Ivar nodded and smiled back. 

"Now it's time to rest. Big day tomorrow" Muller said and stood up and walked over to his sleeping spot.

Ivar quickly ate the last bits of his meat and then went to sleep as well. 

The next day they company reached the end of the forest and after passing several farms they entered The Peendian Plains. 

"What are the Peendian Plains" Ivar asked Muller. 

"They are the plains that lay infront of Peenda City. They are mostly inhabitat by farmers. In a few moments you'll see the walls of Peenda City grow in the distance as we are almost at our destination" 

And Muller was right. An hour later a golden pointy top of a beautiful and elegant palace towered above the plains in full view followed by the walls mentioned by Muller earlier. 

Ivar couldn't believe his eyes on this beautiful city. It looked so peacefull with it's large white walls and the palace's golden rooftops. Most people they passed on their way to the great Peendian Gate greeted the gaurds with smiles and honour. They seemd to understand how much honour goes into serving the crown. Ivar could only admire what Muller and the other Peedian Gaurds did for him even more. 

They gaurds were greeted by several other gaurd stationed at the gates. They didn't ask any qeustions and opened the large brown gate. Ivar thought the sight was outstanding. But then he saw the inside of the city. 

A large town became clear. With brick road opposite to the sand paths in his village. Large building to smaller ones. All with red rooftops. Inn's, blacksmiths, bakkery's and so much more was to be seen. After looking his eyes out the beautiful white palace came into view and it was breathtaking. 

Ivar had never seen such a larger building in his entire life. The castle was large. Wide in scale and high all the way to the golden top. Every rooftop was covered in elegant golden plating. 

The gaurds were greeted again at the main entrance to the palace. 

"Welcome back Muller. I see you've brough company" one of the gaurds dressed in gold adressed Muller. 

"He brings dire news for the King. We request an audience immediately" Muller stated. 

The Golden knight nodded; "Open the gates!" he then yelled and another set of large brown gates opened. 

After stalling their horses the Peendian Gaurds took Ivar to the throne room. A beautiful room with an extremely long red carpet that led to a large gold red colored throne. When they reached the throne, it was empty. 

"I'm sorry i'm late. We've had some problems concerning my birthday cake" the voice of the king came and then King Gongo stepped out a small hallway up the altar where the throne stood. 

The King was kled in mostly red and even wore a long red cloak. His crown was large and covered most of his hair. It was also gold. 

"Ah Muller, what news do you bring from your expedition" The king asked Muller and sat down on his throne. 

"We've experienced strange behaviour at the hill of Mar-Guldar, but that will have to wait for i bring you most dire news my king" Muller told Gongo after everyone had bowed. 

"What sort of dire news is this then?" The King wondered as it caught his attention. 

"I give you, Ivar Firewing" Muller said and gestured to Ivar who stood next to him. A tad bit nervous though. 

"Firewing. Then you must be from Lakeside" Gongo smiled friendly; "Welcome to Peenda City" 

"Lakeside is exactly what we need to talk you about" Muller told the king. 

"Very well then" The king nodded and turned to Ivar; "Tell me your story Mr. Firewing" 

"I don't really know how to tell you this, but Lakeside, my home and part of your kingdom... well... it's...gone..." Ivar  told the King a bit nervous as he hold his arm. "Three days ago the village was ambushed by Golbins in the morning and they burned everything down. I believe myself to be the only survivor" Ivar looked at his feet. 

King Gongo just sat there, eyes open wide, watching the boy. He then leaned back in his throne and started rubbing his eyes; "I can't believe this" he said. 

"We saw the smoke with our eyes and decided to take a look. That's when we found Ivar being hunted by those monsterous creatures. We saved his life and brought him. For care and safekeeping" Muller told the king who now stood up from his throne. 

"You are safe here my boy. Don't you worry about that. Those creatures can't harm you here. What i don't understand is why they destroyed your village" Gongo rubbed his chin at the last sentence. 

"I don't understand it either. We've never had a foul with any outsider ever before" Ivar added. 

"This is most troubling. All those poor souls. Lost! Forever! I have failed as a protector of your lands Ivar Firewing and i am sorry. But you look smart enough to understand there was nothing i could do" King Gongo told the young adult in throne room with much of regret in his eyes. 

"It's okay my King. No one could have done anything for us at that point then ourselves" Ivar tried to comfort the king. 

"These creatures must pay with their lives for their actions against the people of Ambodia! Muller!" King Gongo adressed his Peendian Gaurd. 

"Yes my King" Muller saluted. 

"Take your finest warriors and go to Lakeside. Kill those creatures if you run into them. Try to find evidence why they attacked and look for survivors. If there are any, you will bring them here just like you brought me Ivar. Understood" King Gongo told Muller on a very serious and king wise tone. 

Muller bowed quickly and replied with "Yes my king" He then left the room with the other gaurds but not before smilling and nodding at Ivar who watched him and the other leave. 

"Now Ivar, you will be placed under my protection. Affective immediately. Consider The White Palace your home for now" The King smiled at Ivar and gestured him to come to him. 

Ivar didn't know what to say and just walked to the King who greeted him with open arms. He held the man at both shoulders and looked him right in the eys with a large friendly thrustworthy smile; "Time to get your wounds treated. Oh and some new clothes may do as well" 

King Gongo was extremely nice for Ivar. Ivar got the best medical treatment even though his wounds were only minor. He gained a large bedroom that was never used anyway in a high tower. King Gongo also never left his side, always keeping an eye open for his progress. 

That night Ivar sat on his new bed and the King was walking around the room. 

"Thank you" Ivar said; "For everything" 

"It's the least i could do for you. You who has been through so much" the King smiled at Ivar and then started walking around again, muttering things to himself. 

"I can tell something is bothering you my King" Ivar said as Gongo stopped in his tracks and looked out a small window into the night sky. 

"My birthday is coming up you see. The party will be huge and all of Peenda City has been invited to attend. The only problem is that we have encountered some small flaws. Mostly the cake itself. We have missing ingredients and the cake can't be missed at the party. It's a Peendian tradition to always have the biggest cake of the land on the king's or queen's birthday" Gongo told Ivar. 

"Maybe i could help you find these ingredients" Ivar offered his services to Gongo; "It's the least i could do to thank you" 

"I've already contacted several people in the city and four have answered my pleas. But it might be a good distraction for you. Tell me Ivar. Do you like adventures?" Gongo asked Ivar sternly and stood before him. 

"I've never been on one. But i've always wanted to" Ivar said eagerly. 

"Then i have a quest for you" Gongo smiled.