Boff is one of the many crewmembers of the Ambush Pirates. He is the older brother of Biff and a twin to Buff. Together with Buff he stationed below deck at the Pirate Ship's cannons. He and his brother are in charge of this compartment and boss around several crewmembers who operate the cannons below deck. They themsleves also operate cannons together and are the most skilled cannon-master in all of Ambodia

Character And EquipmentEdit

Boff, just like his twin brother is a very rude and stubborn person. He enjoys his Pirate Life on board "The Ambusher" under command of Captain Redcoat. He has devoted his life to his cannon-mastery together with brother. Suddenly, when made port, Boff goes out drinking and picking girls he often brings to the ship. He is really fat and doesn't care for personal hygiene. 

Boff's equipment is a not very common weapon amongst pirates, a giant hammer. Boff loves plundering villages and settlements and enjoys cracking several skull along the way.