Both was a wizard of Ambodia over two thousand years ago. Some
considered him to be the most powerful wizard of his time.


Although being 20 years older than him, Both was great friends with Viroff, the adopted son of King Helmran (whom Both was also friends with). He almost acted like a great mentor towards Viroff, and he taught him many different things. When King Helmran was murdered, he comforted Viroff and tried to ease the pain with him. But whatever Both tried to do, it didn't calm Viroff down. Viroff was especially enraged when a new King, other than him, was placed on the throne. All of Viroff's anger caused Both to start doubting his ways. When Viroff asked Both to come with him and bring others to cross over the Tatola Mountains and start a new life in the west, Both refused. This made Viroff feel that he had no allies left, so he left Iverar. For the next few months Both wondered where Viroff had went, and his questions had been answered when Viroff later returned with an army of Mountain Goblins. After a violent battle at the gates of Iverar, in which Both helped lead the defense, the goblins and Viroff had been defeated. Both was crushed by this as he thought Viroff had been killed, but he knew that he had to move on.

The Viroff WarEdit

Over 30 years had passed, and the humans of Iverar had lived in peace. But the peace would not last. Viroff soon returned, in a more powerful state, and attacked many different human cities and villages with a new goblin army. When Both heard word of this, he alerted the king immediately and they prepared their forces at Iverar.

When Viroff arrived at Iverar, a climactic battle broke out, and Both even had to fight his old friend. In the end, Viroff and his forces retreated from the battle and continued to reck havoc on human cities in Ambodia. Both then knew that the race of humans would need help.

The casualties were roughly around 2000 to 3000