Cave 1

A Cave

Caves are parts of enviroments like Forests or Mountains. They are usually used by travellers for shelter during the night or heavy storms. They can also be used during Qeusts.

Use Edit

The caves are for players to use as a resting place, hiding place or just a place to take shelter from a heavy storm. It is mostly used during RP and IC when a player has to go to bed OOC/IRL.


  • The Cave was designed by Ivar-Jedi.
  • The Cave set contains 413 pieces.  
  • The instruction manual contains 188 pages of building
  • The Minifigures included with the Cave are Ivar Firewing and a adventerous girl 
  • It was Ivar's first project ever using LDD (Lego Digital Designer)
  • It was thanks to Potato, the creater of the Ambush Games and Ambodia, that gave him the instruction on how to get LDD. Ivar is very thankful.
  • The Cave idea comes from Ivar and was incorporated into the Game by Potato. 


  • Cave - 1
  • Cave - 2
  • Cave - 3
  • Cave - 4