The Council of the Honorable was a council held between all five Kings of Ambodia. They would all meet at the top of a peek at a royal house in the Tatola Mountains whenever these mettings occured. They happened very rarely, though, sometimes only once a decade.

So far only 4 times a Meeting of Kings has been held. 


Around one thousand years ago, the Kings of Ambodia, while they didn't agree to form alliances, agreed to have councils with each other at times to discuss happenings across Ambodia. At this time, Peenda City hadn't been formed yet and it was just the Human King, Dwarf King, Royal Elf King, and Forest Elf King. When Peenda City was formed with a new king, it took them one hundred years to convince the other kings to allow their king into the Council of the Honorable. They agreed to allow the King of the west in.


  • A Meeting of Kings - 1
  • A Meeting of Kings - 2
  • A Meeting of Kings - 3
  • A Meeting of Kings - 4
  • A Meeting of Kings - 5