Ice Dragon

Depiction of an Ice Dragon

are dangerous creatures that roam the world of Ambodia. They take the land, the seas and the skies. 

They used to be around the world in large numbers but these have fastly declined ever since the defeats of the Dark Beings.

Dragons are still found in the world today in all shapes and sizes and all kinds of different species. Most Dragons are considers dangerous, lethal and aggresive in nature. 

No matter what species every Dragon can breathe fire. Some Dragons haven even learned to speak the tongue of men. 


The Dark Being WarEdit

When the 10 Dark Beings came to Ambodia and started their terrible war they mostly used Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Werewolves and Spiders for their dark armies. But the Dark Beings had the abilitie of magic and managed to control several Dragon Species at will. Reports have it that Hargo The Dark One used a Fire Dragon as a mount during battles. 

The Great Dragon HuntEdit


There are many different Dragon species alive in the world of Ambodia today. Some are believed to be extinct but legends has it they might just still be around. 

Here a list of Dragons Species found in Ambodia: 

- Fire Dragon 
Stone Dragon

A stone dragon

- Ice Dragon 

- Ground Dragon

- Elemental Dragon

- Water Dragon

- Ocean Dragon 

- Mountain Dragon

- Forest Dragon

- Lava Dragon

- Stone Dragon

- Crystal Dragon

- Sand Dragon

- Miasmador [Believed to be a Dragons Species by some]