Firewing is the first chapter of "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" written by Ivar Firewing

  • 1 - Firewing - On a dark foggy night, a babie's scream interrupted the peace, for Ivar Firewing was born. "What a lovely name," the doctor said, smiling, as he looked at the wonderful new parents holding their first child. "I'll spread the word," the doctor then said and left the room. As the doctor left the house he was eyed down by at least a hundred men and women. He raised his arms into the air and yelled, full of joy, "Another Firewing is born! It's a boy!" The whole village burst into cheers and screams and started dancing and partying on the same night, for the birth of a child is an important matter in the small village of Lakeside, but especially if it is a member of the Firewing family, whose bloodline is known for having built this village. Every Firewing has lived in the village so far and now that tradition will continue. 
"Ivar get away from there!" Ilse Firewing yelled at her 4 year old son who was about to climb on a carriage that was to going to ride away. "Nnhgg," was the sound Sven Firewing made as he picked up his son and walked over to Ilse. He looked his son in the eye "What did I tell you about wondering off?" The child just looked at the group and replied moments later: "Don't do it, it's dangerous and WILL get you killed." "Exactly!" Sven said and put Ivar down next to his mom's thigh. "I don't want to catch doing it again," he told his son. "Yes, daddy." 
"It was hard work today," Sven said as he entered the house of Firewing residence which he had built himself for his wife and child after earning enough money from working for Farmer Daggot. He hung up his coat, gave his wife a kiss and sat down at the diner table. "Where's Ivar?" he wondered and then a loud knock on the door was heard. When Sven and Ilse Firewing opened the door to their house they saw their son, being hold by his arm by a knight. "Your teenager has been causing problems again, Mr. and Mrs. Firewing," the Knight guard began and pushed Ivar inside. "I was forced by others!" Ivar spat back but his father shushed him. "What did he do?" Sven asked the Knight as the Knight told him what Ivar and his friend did. As the Knight left, Sven sat down in front of Ivar at the dinner table. Ivar just looked down. "Why did you do that?" Sven asked, "That was highly irresponsible," he added. "I was forced to do it by these annoying Meckeral kids!" Ivar defended himself. "They said they'd beat me up if i didn't do it!" He looked back down again. "I don't care, no, you should not care what they threathen you with," Sven said calmly, folding his arms. "They are just bullies who probably have social issues or think they are better than you for some reason. You should have just ignored it and walked away from them. You shouldn't care about what they say to you or what they want from you!" Sven ended.  "So you're not mad?" Ivar asked and looked up a bit at his father. "Not that much," Sven smiled, "but you will do chores around the house young man!" he said while waving his finger. Ivar nodded and stood up. "Oh and one more thing," Sven added, "Since you're 13 now, I will give you sword training tomorrow."