Wor orc
 Ghorak Skullripper

Class: Guardian

Level: 1

Race: Orc

Player: Newan

Description: A ruthless Orc that has known nothing but war and death his entire life. Ghorak quickly beat out superior Orcs to rise through the ranks and lead his kind into battle. After losing an important battle he was cast out and now works as a mercenary for those that he feels worth his time. Ghorak is always looking for a new challenge though his adversaries often don't leave with their heads attached.

Health: 63

Physical attack: 5

Physical defense: 10

Magical attack: 10

Magical defense: 10

Energy: 100

Attack distance: Depends on weapon

Weapons: Basic sword

Gold: 100

Items:  Spells: 


Completed Quests: Secrets of the Forest