Gothbog Island is a mid-sized island that lies far to the east of Ambodia. It is its own island and is around 10 miles away from the main land chunk of Ambodia. This island is home to many different Goblins and other foul creatures. This is one of the few places in Ambodia where no Humans, Elves, or Dwarves live.


Gothbog Island was discovered by a large group of barbarians over three thousand years ago. There, they settled and made colonies and lived there for at least 150 years. But they were soon invaded by a colony of Goblins who also wanted to settle there. After a small-scale war that lasted one month, the Goblins had won and banished the barbarians from the Island. From that point on, the Goblins there decided that there would be a rule of no Humans allowed on their new island. The island would only be for Goblins to live in. The island was then named Gothbog Island, named after the Goblins main general that lead them to victory and to the taking of the island.

For the next three thousand years, the Goblins expanded there and grew in numbers. They eventually grew so much that some Goblins had to be banished from the island in order for their to be enough space. Many of these Goblins migrated to the eastern edge of Ambodia, where they caused much destruction and chaos. It was because of this event that many Humans, Elves, and Dwarves all traveled through the Tatola Mountains and to the western side of Ambodia, where Peenda City was formed.

Gothbog Island still serves as the central living area for most Goblins today. Although they do still sail over to Ambodia from time to time to cause chaos.