King Harold. King of Humans.

King Harold is one of the 5 kings in Ambodia. He is the current King of Humans.

He resides in the Eastern Lands of Ambodia, sharing the lands with 3 other kings. He rules over the Human Capitol city of Iverar boarding on the Eastern Ocean, The Gold Plains and The Blue Coast.

He secretly longs for King Gongo's Throne and being the king of all of Ambodia.

History Edit

Born on January 6, 4461 Harold was immediately set in line for the Throne of Men. He grew up a rather simple life within the castle's walls and spend most of his time preparing to become King. 

Even though Harold has a sweet and kind nature he can often be agressive or self centered. 

On June 28th, 4496, his father became ill and died of his illness 4 months later.

On November 21st, after the funeral of his father Harold, at the age 37, was immediately crowned as the new King of Iverar City and Men. 

In 4499 Harold visited Peenda City and had a fall out with King Gongo forever sealing their rivalry and Harold's dislike of the other kings, mainly Gongo. 

Appearance Edit

King Harold will appear in Ivar's second book Ambodian Book. 


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