King Helmran was a King of the Humans on Ambodia over 2 thousand
years ago. He resided in Iverar, as all human kings in the east do.

Finding ViroffEdit

When Helmran was older, he still had no children in his bloodline, meaning that he had no children to follow his rule. But one day, a child was left at his doorstep. Him and his wife took him in and raised him as their own. This child's name was Viroff. For years, they treated him like their own son. He grew up living a happy life and expecting himself to become King one day after his "father" had passed.


King Helmran was murdered one night in his sleep by a mysterious archer. He was shot one time in the heart. Viroff was crushed by this. He died at the age of 78.

After DeathEdit

After Helmran's death, Viroff did not become the new King of the humans like he wanted. Instead, another king (King Blismore) was given the rule, someone part of a new bloodline, as they thought that Viroff was not fit to be King. This enraged Viroff.