Lakeside was a small town build on from the western edge to the northern edge of Raver Lake. It was build 250 years ago by Durran Firewing. It is known for it's comfy community and peaceful lifestyles and also for housing every "Firewing" family member to have ever lived so far. 


Durran Firewing, once a king of Iverar City who had stepped off the throne, had always admirred the enviroments of Raver Lake. When he finally stepped off the throne, he decided to build a Town boarding on the west side of the Lake. After 4 years of building, the town dubbed Lakeside, was finished and it's first civillians started living in it's houses. 

35 years later, King Durran Firewing died of age and was buried at the first stone that was layed during the building of the village. After this the people of Lakeside decided that Durran should be the only King to have ever ruled Lakeside and started a social community without a ruler and a king. 

All went perfectly well for 215 years until Goblin Riders raided the village.

The Fires In The MorningEdit

On the morning of April 13, ??? Lakeside was suddenly ambushed by a pack of Goblin Riders. They plundered all the houses, killed all it's people and burned down the entire village. It is the most devastating attack by Goblin Riders ever to have taken place. The only survivor, Ivar Firewing barely escape with his life as the Riders chased him down until the got ambushed and most of them slaughtered by Peendian Gaurds. 

This event was later known as "The Fires In The Morning" and is the 3nd chapter in ""An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" book written by Ivar Firewing, the only survivor of the attack.