Laviel Blackblood

Laviel Blackblood.

Laviel Blackblood is a crewmember of the "Ambush Pirates" and Captain Filliun "Redcoat" Díris's second in command on "The Ambusher" Laviel will do anything to hold this title for the rest of his life and is extremely loyal to Redcoat. 

He is wanted by the Elven Kingdoms for 5000 Gold. 

Character And EquipmentEdit

Laviel was once a honorable Elf until he came across the Pirate Captain Redcoat who turned his life around. When Laviel joined Redcoat he ordered the plunder of his own Elven Village. He got burned during the plunder after being defeated by an Elven Knight. 

He is the second in command for Redcoat on "The Ambusher" and loves his job and doesn't ever want to lose it. For an Elf, he is rude and a brute and not clean at all. 

His equipment is a long Sickle he always carries with him and threatens crewmembers with when they don't follow his or Redcoat's orders.