Lord Baradar

Lord Baradar of The Barúdar Mines.

Lord Baradar is the Dwarven Lord of the Barúdar Mines located inside and under the Tatola Mountains. Baradar is the younger brother of King Sparktooth and he is the older brother of Lord Resil. He rules over the Barúdar Mines with a kind heart and is very respectful to his people. Baradar doesn't long for anything instead of the fair being of his Mines and it's civillians. He was greatly wounded by his father King Synitor's murderer. Because of this, he hates war and intends to stay out most of them. Unlike his older brother, he does not believe they should go after thier father's killer. Baradar is generally more liked than his brother and many believe he should be King instead. However, Baradar refuses to take the throne from his brother because he doesn't want to leave the mines and people alone and he knows it would greatly hurt his brother.