Lord Viroff was, at first, a regular human that lived on Ambodia over two thousand years ago. He soon became a feared dark lord over the lands though.


Viroff was abandoned by his original parents when he was just an infant, but

Viroff in his younger years

they obviously still cared about him as they left him at the house of the king of the humans, King Helmran. King Helmran and his wife took Viroff in and raised him as their own son, as they never had any. Because of this, there was no heir to Helmran and no one to follow the bloodline. Helmran wanted Viroff to do this after he had passed. Viroff loved Helmran and considered him the best father anyone could ever ask for. For his entire childhood, he also expected himself to become the King of Humans one day.


Even when he was an adult, Viroff still lived and cherished King Helmran deeply. One night though, the king was murdered in his sleep by a mysterious archer. Viroff was crushed, him deeply wanting revenge on the archer. He also expected himself to become the new king now, but he didn't become king. He was not considered fit to be the next king of the humans, so a different king (King Blismore) from a different bloodline was made king. This enraged Viroff.

Falling to DarknessEdit

Viroff was not only enraged by the new king, but he was also angered by the ways of humans. He believed that they were not living on Ambodia the way it was supposed to be lived on. Some say that Viroff slowly went mad over the next few years, and the only person he believed to be doing the right thing eventually was Both, a wizard who was one of his best friends, especially after Helmran had been murdered. Viroff offered Both to go over the mountains with him and start a new life in the west with others. He said they would make the "perfect society". But Both refused, him believing that humans duties lay inthe east. Viroff then thought that his last ally had abandoned him, so he decided that the next best thing to do was to rid Ambodia of its "evil".

Viroff left Iverar one day and was never heard from again for at least a year. Viroff had left toward the Tatola Mountains, but not to start a new life in the west. His plan was to find the Goblins that dwelled there and gain their alliegance to attack Iverar and destroy all humans on Ambodia. While he was exploring the mountains in search of the goblins, he slipped and fell down into a dark cave. The cave itself was almost completely pitch black and went down for hundreds of feet. Viroff was trapped. After spending nearly a week in the cave, he was about to die. But he soon found a puddle of water on the ground that he quickly drank from. Little did Viroff know, was that the water he had just drank from was from The Immortal Goblet. Viroff, without him even knowing, had just become immortal. Because of this, he was able to survive 2 more months in the cave before he was pulled out by a group of Mountain Goblins. It took much pursuading, but in the end Viroff convinced them to attack Iverar and the race of humans. 

Viroff took with him a force of thousands of Goblins from all across the mountains to

Viroff and his Goblin army march towards Iverar

attack Iverar. The march lasted days and the goblins hadn't fought in a war for years, so they weren't prepared for the upcoming battle. When they reached Iverar, they began trying to breach the city walls right away. Hundreds of humans were killed, but the Goblins suffered even heavier casualties. Viroff's main plan was to infiltrate the city with the goblins and king King Blismore, who had taken his spot on the throne. Unfortunately, the goblins were not powerful enough to face the forces of Iverar. The goblins were crushed in battle that day, along with Viroff. He was crushed by a flaming boulder, which was fired at him by a catapult. Both watched in horror as his old friend had been killed. But Viroff had not been killed, for he had become immortal. He soon pulled himself out from under the boulder and ran far away, deep into Backlonia Forest.

Becoming the Dark LordEdit

While in the forest, Viroff wondered around for days, not being able to die.

Bogare the Dark One finds Viroff

This made him began to wonder why he didn't die now or when he was trapped in the cave. As he wondered the forest, he soon ran into someone that he did not expect to run into, It was Bogare the Dark One, one of the 10 dark beings and one of the five sent down to Ambodia to become mortal. Viroff thought that Bogre had perished with the other 5 dark beings sent down to Ambodia during the War of the Dark Beings, but he was wrong. Bogare told Viroff that he was destined for great dark deeds, and he would help him achieve them. Bogare then made Viroff a suit of armor and a new weapon for him to wield. The weapon was a mace, but it was forged by dark magic, which made it a very deadly weapon. Bogare then told Viroff that he had dranken from The Immortal Goblet, so he was now immortal. After suiting Viroff up with his armor and telling him that he would become the best dark lord in all the lands, Bogare disappeared. Viroff wondered the forests of Backlonia for 300 years, charging

Viroff wonders the forest of Backlonia, charging up his power

up his power. In this time he also prepared a plan that would help him destroy the race of humans on Ambodia. After three decades had passed, everyone was sure that Viroff had perished in battle long ago and that they all could continue on with their lives. But Viroff was still very  much alive and didn't plan on dying anytime soon, for he had

Lord Viroff asks the Goblin King for his goblin's alliegance

dranken from The Immortal Goblet. When he thought that the time had come, Viroff, now considering himself to be a dark lord, emerged from Backlonia Forest and prepared to put his plan into affect

Viroff emerges from Backlonia Forest

and destroy the race of humans on Ambodia.

Lord Viroff began by making his way Harlock City, a pirate-type city that served as a major port of Ambodia. There, he highjacked a ship and made his wawy to Gothbog Island, home of the Goblins. When he arrived, he asked the Goblin King for his alliegance and for him to aid him in a war against the humans of Ambodia. When the Goblin King refused, Viroff began slaughtering the goblins. Him being immortal, he could fought against the entire civilization on Gothbog alone and never came close to dying. With the power of the mace and new suit of armor he had been given by Bogare, Viroff was all powerful. He continued to kill the goblins on the island, and while it's not certain how many he killed of their population, is is certain that he destroyed a large percent of it. After fighting and killing them for months, the Goblin King agreed to aid Lord Viroff in his war. Lord Viroff was now ready to destroy the race of humans on Ambodia.

Starting a WarEdit

Lord Viroff and his new goblin army began by sailing over to Harlock city and completely burning the place. They attacked it with only a light amount of force though, because their real target was Iverar. As Viroff and his new army marched towards Iverar, they raided many different villages and small towns along the way. When they finally reached Iverar, they had already killed thousands of humans. 

The Battle of Iverar was a long battle, lasting several days total. Lord Viroff and his goblins actully made it past the gates of the city, something Viroff was not able to do during his first assault over 30 years ago. Both lead the defense of Iverar and even fought against Viroff, his old friend that had now been transformed into true evil. Soon, Viroff ordered his goblins to retreat from the battle. They had already had enough casualties and Viroff wanted to be able to have enough goblins to attack again later. 

For the next five years, Lord Viroff attacked many different human cities, him slowly getting closer to accomplishing his goal of destroying humans. Soon, the humans and their king, King Blismore, enlisted the dwarves for help in this war. The dwarves soon agreed to aid the humans. Together, the races of dwarves and humans fought and died against Viroff's forces on many different fronts. This angered Viroff, so he personally went to the dwarven city of Dwum-tot and slaughtered many different dwarves there. After this attack, the dwarves withdrawed from the war and left the humans alone. The humans now had to finish this war by themselves.

The Powerful of TwelveEdit

After another four years of war and death, Both, with the permission of the king, gathered together a group of the most powerful wizards in Ambodia. These 11 wizards, plus Both, would be known as the Powerful of Twelve. For the next few months, the group would meet together and discuss battle tactics and ways to win the war. Soon, the group realized that it would not be easy to kill Viroff, as he had drank from the Immortal Goblet and was now invincible. They would have to come up with another way to defeat Viroff other than killing him.

It was soon Both's idea to create a magical portal, one that only the most powerful wizards of Ambodia could create. This portal would zap Viroff away into another dimension, where he would slowly deteriorate away. Together, using all of their power and magic, the wizards and created this portal. Now all they had to do was lure Viroff over and get him in it.


Viroff had been sensing his downfall for a while now, so he had already made preparations of ways for him to be "ressurected" even though he knew he couldn't die. 

When Viroff learned of the Powerful Twelve and their location, he took a small force of goblins and headed to their location right away to destroy them. After being ambushed by the portal, all of Viroff's goblins had been killed by the wizards. A final confrontation between the Powerful Twelve and Lord Viroff had begun. The fight itself had lasted for a while, and Viroff proved to be a powerful foe alone. Soon, only three wizards remained, the other nine being killed by Viroff. After knocking out the other two wizards, Viroff closed in on one of the last remaining three; Both. In this moment, Both and Viroff, old friends, had a final battle. In the end, Both had zapped Viroff into the portal, sending him off into another dimension. Viroff had been defeated. 

The race of humans celebrated Viroff's defeat and the goblins had retreated and returned back to their home on Gothbog Island. The three surviving wizards from the Powerful Twelve became the Powerful Three, who would continue to help preserve the race of humans.