Name: Makrik

Class: Wizard
Tree man by mrholister-d2bhlll

Level: 0

Race: Walking Wood (or Tudvau)

Player: Maverick

Description: Part of a rare race, Makrik possess the natural magics of his kind. In spire of his girth he can disappear with speed thanks to his ghostly power. He is a loner, like most of his people, who patrols his small, but secluded forest with little fear. An easygoing person with an occasional turn towards dry humour, Makrik may live out in the sticks, but his knowledge is widely cast net. His home lies close to where Soraz resides, which is annoying, since the wizard keeps trying to sneak in and steal his stuff.

Health: 50

Physical attack: 0

Physical defense: 0

Magical attack: 10

Magical defense: 5

Energy: 100

Attack distance: Short/Medium

Weapons: None

Gold: 0

Items: Edit




Weak Blast - Deals magical damage equal to the caster's magical damage (Costs 5 energy)

Abilities: Edit


Quests: Edit