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Reawaken is a basic spell for the necromancer class. 


Effect: Revive and control a dead opponent that will stay with you through 3 challenges or until it is killed. The revived creature will have 25% of his normal stats and will count as an entity separate from the necromancer, so both the necromancer and his creatures can attack at the same time.

This spell can also be used to revive fallen allies, when you do this the ally will stay alive for 3 more challenges with 25% of their stats and will then die. If the quest ends and the reawakened ally is still alive he/she will get reduced rewards from the quest. If a reawakened ally is brought to 0 health again it dies permanently.

Energy costs: 15

Cooldown in combat: None.

Non-combat use: Allies can be revived even when not in combat.