Red Mountain 1

Red Mountain

Red Mountain is largest mountain that stands in Wolfara Forest. It is known for housing Venom Web's Lair and the legend of Dark Wizard Mûro-Dor.


The enviroment around and close to Red Mountain is greatly known as "The Dead Fields" Legend says that Red Mountain was once the house of the Dark Wizard Mûro-Dor. This has never been confirmed, although several ancient spell books were found alongside the mountain surface.

Legends believe that Mûro-dor summonend a spell so powerful it covered the mountain into enternal darkness, but killing himself in the process. The woods around and close to the Mountain foot are believed to be infected and sick due to the spell. 

The Dead FieldsEdit

The Dead Fields are located around the Mountain. It mainly consists of dead or infected trees. It also includes "Lava Lake" made my the lava pouring down the mountain side.

It also locates "Eradar Lake" A lake with water so bright and allive it is completely out of place. Legends tell the Elf Ranger Eradar conjured a spell over an infected puddle of black water and made it healthy again.


Due to the darkness of Red Mountain covering the area, the mountain has become a favorite hideout for Spiders in all sizes. It is also famous for the tale of Venom Web (read: Venom Web's Lair)


Ivar plans on using Red Mountain for several Qeusts he will host. Ofcourse everyone is allowed to come up with new ideas for the mountain and it's surroundings.


  • The scale design comes from Ivar-Jedi
  • Ivar-Jedi came up with Red Mountain
  • The scale design contains 293 pieces
  • The instruction manual contains 85 pages of building
  • Venom Web's lair is also featured in the scale model. 
  • The trees are supposed to represent the ones from the Wolfara Forest design made by Potato. 


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