Tame is the basic ability of the hunter subclass.


Effect: This ability will give the user a chance to tame an animal during a quest. The animal will then work and fight for the user until it is killed. The animal will have 30% of his normal stats. The chances of successfully is based on this formula: Animal's health + physical defense * 1,X where X is the level difference between the user and the target. There is no limit to how long the animal will stay with the hunter, it could even stay with him after the quest. But if it dies it cannot be revived. Tamed animals can be sold and trained.

Limitations: Only one tamed animal can be active at a time. Once an animal made it to the end of a quest it is no longer a tamed animal but a pet

Energy costs: 15

Cooldown in combat: None

Non-combat use: Can be used to complete certain challenges.