The Dark Being War was a very violent war that took place on Ambodia over four thousand years ago. It is noteable for being the first major conflict on Ambodia.


When the 9 Beings of Light who helped create Ambodia found out that the 9 Dark Beings now were 10, they thought that they should balance it out more by sending 5 of the Dark Beings down to Ambodia to become mortal. In order to prevent conflict between the beings, the Dark Beings agreed to do this. Five Dark Beings were then sent down to Ambodia and became mortal, but they were still very powerful. But the creatures and beings of Ambodia did not like the dark presence of the Dark Beings, so they attacked them, almost on instinct. The Dark Being War then began, and it would last for another 8 years.

The WarEdit

The war was very violent and lasted 8 years total. The Dark Being murdererd and pillaged all the could. They could build an amry of Dark Magic themselves at will so didn't need the support of others to keep them alive and protected. 

The Being mostly resided on Force Mountain where they build their Dark Palace (with Dark Magic) 

The war was so horrible, that all creatures in the world of Ambodia decided to work together. This is the first and last time this event ever happend. Together they raided the Dark Beings Palace on Force Mountain and managed to kill all five Beings, but not without hunderds of casaulties. 

In the end, the mortal beings had won because they greatly outnumbered the Dark Beings. 


The Dark Beings suffered their defeat in their Dark Fortress build upon Force Mountain. Bogare the Dark One left the mountain before the final battle though, as he thought that they would be defeated for sure. As he left he was attacked by several mortal beings. Him being alone, he wasn't able to fend them off too well, so he teleported himself to Backlonia Forest using magic. He was injured though.

The third Dark Being to be defeated and killed was Hargo The Dark One. While the last 2 Dark Being head over a small bridge build over a mountain gap where the fortress is build over, Hargo stayed on the bridge to hold back the mortals. After an impressively lethal Dark Magic display, Hargo had killed atleast 40-50 mortals trying to cross the small bridge. Eventually Hargo was stabbed in the back by a mortal. He fell to the ground like a puppet, believing to have died. To make matters sure and to get rid of him and to make way on the bridge, the mortals pushed his body off the bridge into the mountain's deep and dark abyss where he fell to the rocky bottom, supposedly dying.


The mortal beings of Ambodia had easily lost thousands of every kind of race, including humans, dwarves, elves (all of which weren't nearly as advanced as they are now), goblins, trolls, spiders, and werewolves.

The Dark Beings were thought to all be destroyed, but Bogare the Dark One and Hargo the Dark One survived for sure.


All battles listed below occured during The Dark Beings War: