The Peace of Lakeside is the second chapter in "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" written by Ivar Firewing.

  • 2 - The Peace of Lakeside - Sven woke up in the middle of night upon hearing strange sounds coming from The Grassy Hill. "The Grassy Hill" is the largest hill in Lakeside with one large tree on its top. It's a very relaxing spot and most commonly used by the town's teenagers. As Sven made his way up the hill he heard the sounds becoming louder and louder and could make out several words and grunts. On the top he found his son, Ivar Firewing clashing with the lonely tree. Ever since Ivar had gotten sword training by his father over the last 6 years, Ivar has learned to stand up for himself more and had become more confident, but when holding his sword, he would never put it down. Ivar was breathing heavily, but smiling and cocked his head to see his farther looking at him. "Oh, hey dad!" He still had his smile on. "Ivar what have I told you about sword practicing in the night?" 
"That it makes too much noise and because this is only a small village everybody will hear you and probably get annoyed by you?" Ivar answered. 
"Exactly!" Sven said. 
"But I must keep improving my skills, Dad! I'm gonna need them when I go on the road!" Ivar said to his father and pointed his sword to the borders of Raver Lake. "You know how much I want to explore Ambodia, right, Dad?" 
"I do son, I do, honestly," Sven said as he walked over to his son. "But as of now, your sword skills are far better then anyone in this village! You were a fast learner, my son, and you have made your teacher proud... That being me of course," Sven said jokingly, making a gesture to himself. Ivar smiled. 
"But now son, sheath that sword and go to bed." And the two Firewings walked home under the starry night over The Grassy Hill. 

"There she is," Ivar thought to himself as he sat down on a bench placed next to the village inn. He eyed the red haired girl down, she seemed to notice but not she thought nothing of it. Ivar smiled and thought this would be his chance. He stood up and ran next to her and came with a not-so-subtle, "Hey." 
"Hello Mr. Firewing," the girl said and smiled at the young man next to her. "I was hoping to get to speak with you eventually." 
"You did?" Ivar asked wonderingly and with a dorky smile on his face. "Well... that's good!.. because I... I... uhh... have been wanting to talk to you too." 
"Did you, now?" the girl said and smiled at Ivar, knowing this obvious fact he just told her. 
"Yeah... it's like... I see you everyday and you are the nicest thing I see everyday... I mean to say that I think you are incredibly pretty." Both stopped in their tracks and looked at each other. 
"Why thank you Mr. Firewing." The girl smiled back.
"Just call me Ivar." 
"Okay, Mr. Ivar Firewing," she said jokingly.
"Hehe, that is so cliche," Ivar said out loud accidently. 
The girl laughed. "I know right? I don't even know why I bothered saying that."
"SYLLA!" a cry from the distance came. It was her father. 
"I'm coming, Dad!" she yelled back. She turned to Ivar "I'm sorry, I gotta go, but it was really nice meeting you," she extended her arm and held out her hand, "Ivar Firewing." She smiled. 
Ivar shook her hand. "Yes, it was pleasure for me too." He smiled back, feeling extremely confident she liked him now. "So I geuss I'll see you around?" he asked her as she let go of his hand and ran to her father. 
"You will, I promise," she yelled back. Ivar couldn't help but smile and whisper the girl's name "Sylla." He then walked off thinking "Am I in love?" 

That night the Firewings were having a nice evening supper. 
"What date is it today?" Sven wondered with a mouth full of pork meat. 
"April 12, darling," Ilse said as she put more pork meat on everyone's plate and then sat down herself to eat. 
"Has the village anything big planned for tomorrow?" Sven wondered again before moving to the potatoes an chucking them down like no one ever could. 
"Not that I know off," Ilse said and gently cut her meat and took a bite. 
"I think I'm just going to the Grassy Hill again," Ivar interjected. 
"Don't exhaust yourself like last time, son," Sven said and pointed his silverware at the young man to make his point clear. "It was impossible to get you out of bed last time you did that." 
"Will you and farmer Daggot need any help?" Ivar asked. He usually did enjoy helping on Daggot's farm for an afternoon. 
"Visit in the afternoon and you'll see yourself," Sven replied with smile, happy that his son is taking this responsibility. "I can't say for sure if there is any work then." 
"That's alright." 
A knock on the door suddenly came. 
Sven opended the door and 3 villagers, including farmer Daggot, holding up torches stood on his doorstep. 
"What is it gentlemen?" Sven wondered.
"We'd like you to see that," fisherman Mulgan said and pointed to a hill sticking out over the trees at the border of the village. 
Moments later, the three men, now accompanied by Sven were on the hilltop. 
"There! There it is" Mulgan ran forward to the spot to find a freshly used campfire. "I was fishing late last night when I saw light coming off this hill, so I decided to have a look, but by the time I got here, the fire was already out and whoever camped here, gone." 
Sven inspected the burned spot in the grass. "Well, Sven, what do you think?" Mayor Fangji aksed the man. 
"I think there is nothing to worry about here, seems like a typical adventurer's campfire," Sven stood up. "Aventurerers who travel the world often camp on mountain- or hill-sides to have a good view of their environment." 
"So you mean to say it was just a traveller?" Fangji lowered his torch. 
"Or more," Sven said and picked his nail. "Don't worry about it too much, it is not the first time we have seen campfires on the hill-sides, only this one is a bit larger then the rest." 
"I say let's leave for the night with our lives," farmer Daggot declared and everyone agreed. 
As they started to make their way down hill, they were being eyed down by foul creatures in the distance riding fell monsters. 
"Do we attack now!?" one of the creatures enthousiasicly asked.
"No! Not yet," the leader of the riders growled as he stretched out his arm to stop his eager riders. "Let them enjoy their comfy bed, for in the morning, this place will BURN!"