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Lorx'Martar was once a powerful empire located in the desert of ??? in the world of Ambodia. Paraoh Lorx'Martar ruled his empire through dark magic, making those most Loyal to him his special gaurds. He was murdered during a great desert war with claimed the lives of every Martarian. All that remains now are the so called Ruins of Lorx'Martar.

The Empire of Lorx'MartarEdit

Once a normal peasant, now a powerful ruler of an invincible empire, Lorx'Martar had it all. During a trip to an oasis in the desert, Lorx'Martar was seperated from his family. He waited at the Oasis as he knew they would come back. During his stay at the Oasis he found a mystical stone that gave the darkest of magic imaginable. After years of training he used his powers to overthrow King Raxxa and became the new king of a empire that he would finely dub it "The Empire of Lorx'Martar"

Rule of Lorx'MartarEdit

Lorx'Martar sat on the throne for 59 years, ruling his empire with an iron first. Everyone loathed and feared him. But those Loyal enough to him, or those to obey the law or gave away secret of rebellion were allowed to join Lorx's Elite Army. This would grant the people a room in the king's palace. But what they didn't know is that Martar's Elite Troops are build from Dark Magic. Martar put a dark spell on those chosen to join the Elite Army and they became his mindless acolyte's. This went on for 56 years.

When this secret came to light a civil war broke out for 3 years. In the end, the rebellion army and the Elite army were eqaul in numbers and the rebels raided the Lorx Palace. After a 2 day raid they were succesful into getting into the Lorx's throne room. Lorx managed to kill atleast a hundred rebels before getting pushes off the watchtower from his palace. He fell to his death and his stone of Dark Magic was locked away forever. 


Ages later this story is nothing more then an ancient happening in the desert of ??? in the world of Ambodia. It is a quite famous story. All that remains of the once great empire are now all but ruins and are visited often by travellers. 


Ivar plans on using The Ruins of Lorx'Martar for one or several qeusts in the future. 


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