Venom Web Lair 1

Venom Web's Lair

Venom Web is second largest Spider known in the world of Ambodia. He resides deep within the caverns of Red Mountain located in Wolfara Forest. Tresspassers never come out alive. Except for one who after his survival was dubbed "The Spider Knight" Althought not everyone believes his story. 

The lair will also appear in "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" and the quest The Book of Dark Spells.


During an expedition, 3 party members decided to stay in Wolfara Forest to study it's wildlife, including the Spider. One night they decided to uncover the Red Mountain. It was a 2 day climb until they reached a giant gap in the mountain, covered in spider webs. Even though the men were fearful of what made these giant webs, they decided to venture into the cavern within the mountain. After a long walk through dark tunnels, bone covered floors and dirty spider webs, the men reached the end of the cavern. Here they got ambushed by the giant spider later know as "Venom Web"

The most fearful men went mad and started swining his torch out of reaction of fear. He tripped over a arm-bone and fell face first in a web on the floor. Venom Web started to feast on the unfortunate Knight. Quickly after Venom Web opened chase after the other two men. He eventually caught with them and lifted the dwarf up from his running position and broke his body, killing him. 

Almost at the end of the cavern, the last man had to stand and fight with the giant Venom Web blocking his way out. After a intense battle, the Knight killed many of Venom Web's children and wounded the beast itself, but only minor. He got out and made his way down the mountain.

Since this ordeal on, the knight was dubbed "The Spider Knight" But many don't believe his stories anymore. 


Even to this day, Venom Web's lair is still not officially located on any of the Ambodia charts. To this day on, Venom Web keeps feasting upon the unfortunate souls who enter his lair unknownly of the dangers ahead. 

The Spider Knight is still allive and now lives a humble live within the walls of Peenda City. He is an old man now. 


Ivar has several qeusts planned for Venom Web. 

The ending of Quest ? - The Book of Dark Spells will give players a choice between 2 other Quests hosted by Ivar-Jedi and one involves finding the Spider Knight. Venom Web's lair also features in this quest itself. 


  • Venom Web's Lair was designed by Ivar-Jedi. 
  • The Minifigures are: The Spider Knight - Unfortunate Knight - The Dwarf Member. 
  • Venom Web's Lair set contain 352 pieces. 
  • The instructions manual contain 187 pages of building
  • As can be seen, the design of the lair is influenced by a real LEGO Set: "Escape From Mirkwood Spiders" from the "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" wave. 
  • The small section with the campfire and such is supposed to represent the looks of Wolfara Forest the closer you get to Red Mountain. 
  • This is probably Ivar's worst design. 


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